M.E.S. Software Features

Manufacturing Automation


Connection of your data, staff & systems enables automation & optimization of your physical production steps including processing, assembly, inspection, and material handling with a reduced level of human participation.

Data Analytics


Data analytics is your key to manufacturing optimization. Leverage your data and drill-down into manufacturing metrics and operational intelligence () enabling you to identify, resolve and improve your operational processes.





Designed to eliminate the large margin of error of a paper-based manufacturing process, a comprehensive collection of Controls verify that correct material and steps are in place; enabling the highest quality in your manufacturing.

Real Time Process Monitoring


Production, process, and performance analysis is collected and provided Real-Time allowing for constant, cross-team communication of critical information: inventory, planning & scheduling, and delays or issues in production.



Working in concert with Data Analytics &  Real Time Process Monitoring, the Reporting functionality provides you in-depth analysis of critical data (KPIs, Root Causes, Run-Time-Cost-Per-Unit, On-Time Delivery, Quality Return Rate, First Pass Yield rates, & Cycle time)

Paperless Factories


The implementation of a paperless manufacturing environment results in valuable, cost-saving benefits including:  reduction of human error, improved efficiency and productivity, and increased operational flexibility.

Product Traceability


Product Traceability enables asset tracking to the smallest component level.  This can achieved through custom component bar-coding &/or RFID tracking technologies.

Asset/PM Tracking


Monitor and optimize the entire lifecycle of a product being produced, with the goal of improving product quality.  At the same time,  Schedule preventive maintenance for production assets and tools when optimal usage has occurred.

MES is the last mile of CONNECTIVITY to IoT

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