Engineering Services and Products

Tropotaxis Engineers become an extension of your company engineering team to solve any and all of your engineering needs.
Our engineers will work with your management and engineering team in designing the solutions required by your business and end customer.

Our Engineering Services include but are not limited to:

  • Selecting the correct IoT and IIoT architecture for your company, hardware and software.
  • Developing IoT strategy, implementation plans, and life cycle management plan
  • Working with your engineers, vendors, contractors and management in defining and implementing the best IoT solution for your needs and your customer needs.

Engineering Services

  • ¬†Hardware/ Software development for customers specific applications
  • Smart Factory/ MES Implementations
  • Product Design
  • Consulting Services
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Design for Market, Cost, Manufacturing
  • Engineering support
  • Redesign existing products for cost reduction
  • Security
  • Cloud services definition, selection

Solutions Design & Development

  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Data Analytics definitions
  • Controls
  • Smart Factory Automation
  • Solutions Provider
  • Lean / Smart Factory Design & Development
  • Design for Market, Cost, Manufacturing
  • Design & Implementation of predictive maintenance processes and data analytics using IoT strategies.
Who do we work with, support, engage?
  • Design Engineers that need engineering support. We become an extension of their engineering team.
  • Companies that need engineer support in the integration of IoT Services, technologies, products, etc.
  • Companies in need of Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Automation
  • Companies that need Engineering Services in the US
  • Companies that need support for Design for Manufacturing, New Product Introduction
  • Companies that need factory automation, lean implementation
  • Companies overseas that need US based engineering support, to understand the US markets, needs marketing understanding, design for US market.
  • New Product Introduction Needs
  • Implementation of IoT Architectures, education, training and knowledge share
  • We work with companies in developing the product of the future, technologies of the future.
Who do we partner with to offer a Complete Solution?

(Engineering, Manufacturing, Hardware/Software design, logistics)
– Contract Manufacturing facilities to offer assembly, test and production support
– Software companies to offer expanded software services included but not limited to MES systems, AWS Amazon Wireless Services